Does your child need a little extra help with their reading? Could their writing be better? Are there confusions with maths that need further attention?

Our tuition hub does not rely on pre written programmes, work books or online learning but relies on a person's experience, skill and knowledge. As soon as your child works with us we will look at their personal strengths and weaknesses and take it from there.

With a range of professionals working from Primary through to Secondary GCSE we can meet most needs.

If your child has a particular need, that's fine; only people who have knowledge and experience of working alongside children who have additional needs work at ELA. We may need to carry out a few simple assessments to ensure specific weaknesses are highlighted. With a great deal of experience with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and autism but to name a few we can help your child reach their true potential.

Sessions last between thirty minutes and an hour depending on the area and need. Sessions are normally 1:1 and generally focus on one subject although we always tailor sessions according to requirements. 

Prices from £17-£47

For safeguarding reasons, work is monitored by CCTV and we all hold a recent DBS certificate (formally CRB).

 I never thought I needed help with literacy in Year 2, it all seemed easy then. In Year 4 you do lots of story writing and know what punctuation to use, but in Year 5 and year 6 you write poems and leaflets and things … I didn't know what to do.

(Year 6 Pupil)

I believe that interventions should be placed strategically further down the key stage, we're focusing our use of tuition in years 4 and 5.

(Primary Headteacher)

Having tuition in Year 6 was right for me because I need to feel confident when I go to secondary school.

(Year 6 Pupil)

 The work is better because it’s things I struggled with. I knew what I was going to do and how to do it. I know when I've done well now.

(Year 9 Pupil)

SOURCE: DFES, When does  1:1 tuition have  the greatest impact?